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  • Navriti enters semi-finals of CNBC Awaaz Masterpreneur-Season 2.
  • Navriti wishes a very happy and prosperous new year to all of you.
  • Navriti partners with CII for the 6th Global Summit on Skill Development in Mumbai.
  • Navriti Partners with CLE for International Footwear Conference, Agra.


Recognition of prior learning (RPL) evaluates skills and knowledge (learning) acquired outside the classroom for the purpose of recognizing competence against a given set of standards, competencies, or learning outcomes.

Methods of assessing prior learning are varied and include: evaluation of prior experience gained through previous paid or unpaid employment, observation of actual workplace behavior. The essential element of RPL is that it is an assessment of evidence provided by an individual to support their claim for competence against a given set of standards or learning outcomes.

The outcome of the RPL is a report that indicates the gaps in the competence of the individual and hence indicating the particular area in which skill upgradation is required.

Navriti has conducted over 10,000 RPL assessments in sectors such as Construction, Plumbing, Leather, Automobile, Beauty and Wellness, Rubber, Telecom. Retail etc.

Summative Assessments administered based on the assumption that the candidate has requisite competencies in that occupation through training and intends to get certified.

Grading of the assessment is done based on the competencies. Scoring algorithm is created to generate competency-wise score reports so as to clearly identify the test takers strength areas. The scoring algorithm varies based on the sector and trade.

Assists young adults in choosing an appropriate career

Helps in planning career –
What are your interests?
What do you want to be?
What types of careers fit your interest?

Indicates how similar or dissimilar your interests are in comparison with people in a wide variety of occupations.

Assessment Design

The Career Aptitude Assessment helps individuals identify a career most appropriate to them. The test report generated based on the responses selected, guides one to choose the career path that is most suited based on their interest against a wide variety of occupations.

The Assessment consists of 50 statements about activities people do in their daily lives.

Candidates have to rate their responses as how they feel about each statement on five point scale : Strongly like, like, neutral, dislike and strongly dislike.

Candidates are scored on five general career themes such as Mechanical, Creative, Service oriented, Sales and Administration.

Characteristics of Career Themes
The individualized candidate score report details scores received on the assessment.
Reveals work-related interests types that link to career development and enjoyment of life.
Exposes individuals to career exploration opportunities and develop a career focus.
Broadens candidate’s exploration of careers vs narrowing focus.

Counselor counsels the candidate basis on report generated from his career aptitude assessment.
Counselor identifies the dominant career type and suggests the candidate on available job options and related training.

Every job requires that the individual performing that job needs to have some basic skills that are essential apart from the domain knowledge. These essential skills can be identified by administering the Employability Test on individuals and will provide developmental needs which through training interventios will improve the employability skills of graduates.

Test outline is shown below for the respective career themes.

Productivity of employees on the floor is directly proportional to output. Our experts observes workforce on the floor and identify gaps that can be plugged to improve productivity.

Analysis is carried out before training and the gaps report is submitted. Post training analysis is carried out again on the same set of employees to see if there is improvement in productivity.

All data captured during the analysis is recorded on pre-defined documents and checklists. The data capture activity is performed twice; pre-training stage where the Delta is identified and post-training stage to understand the training effectiveness and improvement in productivity.


I appreciate the professional as well as responsible assessment being undertaken by pool of assessors having adequate background on SME on each job roles by Navriti Technologies. I specially appreciate Navriti’s technical team for conducting research on qualitative assessment including latest technological approach towards real time assessment and timely result uploading process as per our expectation. I wish Navriti team a very best of luck for upcoming assignments to conduct assessment for PMKVY, RPL and CSR funded programme.

-C B Sinha

Navriti has successfully delivered and managed assessment for our various QP using Technology enabled robust assessment platform for assessments. They have outperformed every expectation we had. The smooth coordination with their team, timely delivery of assessments and upload of results, data analysis required for us on time makes navriti as one of our preferred assessment partner. Wishing Team navriti all success in their endeavor and looking forward to associate with the them on a long term basis.


Electronics SSC
Navriti Technologies Pvt Ltd, under the guidance of Mr Mahesh T, with his team of assessors at various states, has been involved in the capacity of assessing body with SSC since 2015 till date. We are pleased to inform that following association have been executed by Navriti Technologies in the best of their capacity and all assessments and Center Inspection PAN India were carried out in a professional manner and deliverables were satisfactory.

-Ashish Srivastava

Joint Director - Operation, Apparel SSC

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