Career planning during college opens several future opportunities for students. Colleges/University students require the majority of attention for career planning and development. College/Universities often fall short in providing the necessary skills and hands on practice to the students due to several external and internal factors. Navriti thus has introduced the most encouraging user-oriented products such as Kaushal Mitra, CareerMap, Certiplate, Learnplate and SkillAhead which can benefit the institutions. Our alliance with the corporate sector and industry interaction can benefit colleges/institutes by accelerating the likelihood of better placement, credible assessments, fair analysis, career counseling, skill training and enhanced employability.



Colleges/Institutes can reap benefits from certiplate for online examinations, admission and placement tests etc. From the term examinations to the entrance exams, Certiplate can be used anywhere possible and make the process of assessing students easy.


College/Universities and schools (K-12) can use CareerMap to good advantage as students require career counselling more often. The objective of CareerMap is to dive deep into student’s interests, etc and direct them towards the career that suits them the most.

Kaushal Mitra

College/Universities can thrive using KaushalMitra by helping students to implement cognitive and technical skills. The only goal KaushalMitra has is to make students more employable.


College/Universities can make use of Learnplate for quality training and development. Learnplate tries to give the students gain industry exposure and acquire market specific relevant skills that would make students highly employable.