Digital Exam

Conventional methods to create, conduct and evaluate assessments pose significant inefficiencies. Growing scale, time pressures and increasing costs require immediate addressing to improve paper and OMR based assessments. Navriti provides an integrated technology based solution to manage the examination lifecycle with its simple, intuitive and cost effective offering.

Navriti has developed a cloud based assessment management system leveraging frontier technologies such as the machine learning, artificial intelligence and video technology to manage the entire life-cycle of skill assessments with remote monitoring and real time analytics. This innovative product will minimize the need of human intervention and vastly improve the cycle time of the examination process.


Reduce costs. Go Green

30 to 40% lower in cost as compared to traditional paper based examinations.

Reduced activation time

Just a couple of weeks to set up and go live for any examination cycle.

Increased Security and transparency

128-bit encryption on all information transactions. Includes system-enforced compliance of processes; role based authentication and a fully auditable system.

High Service Efficiency

Integrated solution offering seamless workflow and automation in managing the assessment life-cycle.

Reliable delivery

Pre-validation of machines and nodes prior to the exam. Provision of stand by machines to enable continuation in case of failures.

Unique Question papers

Questions and Assessment Design Wizards create question papers unique to each candidate with similar difficulty level.


Workflow based Assessment Engine

Manage every step of the assessment lifecycle from applications to publishing results.


Instant analytics and real time reporting at all stages of the assessment life-cycle.

Multi Lingual

Create and set multi-lingual question banks and cater to a wider examinee group.

Biometric Authentication

Impersonation free accurate authorisation of candidates.