Coaching Institutes

Coaching institutes can conduct all sorts of online examinations, entrance tests, mock tests, periodic tests using Certiplate. It can help conducting proctored assessments, saves the hassle of manual evaluation and also prepares a detailed analysis report for each student. Placement of students in the right industry is one of the prominent challenges for coaching institutes. The inconsistency between students strength, objectives and available jobs result in poor placement records. With the help of our expertise, students can easily identify their strengths and objectives, get the right training and certifications to boost their candidature and find the right job using our placement services.



Coaching Institutes can depend on Certiplate for their entrance tests, online examinations (learning or evaluation). Coaching Institutes can put our product to good use by conducting all sorts of sorts of examinations, making the entire journey of a student and an examiner much more convenient and efficient.


Coaching Institutes can use CareerMap to good advantage as aspirants require career counselling more often. The objective of CareerMap is to dive deep into student’s interests, etc and direct them towards the career that suits them the most.