The pandemic has brought a bleak disorganization in the education sector all around the world. Learning hasn't been completely immobilized but the method of conveyance definitely underwent an oppressive change. This alteration has led to some distressing results including a cohort of withdrawn students, hindrance of national and international student mobility etc.

The proceeding batch of students are significantly unequipped and lack the required skills for the contemporary work industry or even college/institutions for that matter. Most schools primarily target to focus on imparting just academic knowledge neglecting the importance of weaving this knowledge to the world of careers.

Students spend majority of their time in school, hence career counselling is not a luxury but a necessity which the schools need to own up to. Career counselling is needed just to get into a college, this common perception is nothing but a myth. Career counselling helps shape the entire personality and career of a student. Thus, here at Navriti we are helping students through their journey to the dream college or career if choice with remunerative job offers.


Online Learning

Comprehensive digitisation of the entire learnig process for students.

Regular Assessment

Independent Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Post training Assessments for students.


Custom assessments and certifications for specialised industry driven needs.


Industry focussed counselling and placement services for students.