K-12 is another prime sector that can reap benefits from our highly innovative products. Our products can be used for reliable assessments and analysis through AI based solutions making it easier for the education department. We help students through career counseling and profiling which is a necessary step towards career development for every student. Navriti is helping students to get into their dream college/University and pave their way towards better and lucrative career opportunities.



K-12 (schools) can turn Certiplate to their advantage by using it for entrance tests, term examinations, online exams and formative/summative assessments as well. The process of taking examinations could be extremely convenient and less chaotic with the usage of Certiplate. The students can give the examinations from desktops, mobile phones, etc.


Schools can use CareerMap to good advantage as students require career counselling more often. The objective of CareerMap is to dive deep into student’s interests, etc and direct them towards the career that suits them the most. Students spend majority of their time in school, hence career counselling is not a luxury but a necessity which the schools need to own up to. Career counselling is needed just to get into a college, this common perception is nothing but a myth. Career counselling helps shape the entire personality and career of a student. Thus, here at Navriti we are helping students through their journey to the dream college or career if choice with remunerative job offer.