Privacy Policy

Navriti Technologies Private Limited, a company having its registered office at No 9 PID No 55, 160-9, 100 Feat Ring Road, Bendrenagar BSK 2nd Stage Kadarenahalli Cross Bangalore 560070 is committed towards the security of your personal data and respects your privacy.

We may handle your personal data in connection with the use of our platform and ensure the privacy of the data collected by us.

Data we collect:

We collect data directly from you or from the organization(s) you are engaged with. We collect data such as:

  • Basic information like your name, address and email address.
  • Details of your correspondence.
  • Details of your employment such as internships / work experience, department, job title, location etc.
  • Information like you IP address used to connect with the internet, login information, time zone setting and details of resources that you access while using our platform.

Use of data collected:

We use data collected from you or from the organization you are associated with for the various purposes such as:

  • Secured login to the account by verifying the identity during the use of our platfrom.
  • Prevention of fraud and illegal activities by detecting suspicious activities.
  • Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Tracking the use of our platform by the user

Usage of personal information:

We may use the personal information provided by you for meeting certain legal requirements as per the laws prevailing at the point of time. We will use your personal data in the following manner:

  • Consent: By continuing to use of our platform you have indicated your consent to do so. We may send marketing information regarding our products. We may contact you via mail, phone or any other electronic notification (if you have agreed to use our platform).
  • Compliance with laws: We may process your personal data in compliance with the laws as per the legal requirement.
  • To defend legal suits: We may process your personal data wherever necessary to defend a legal claim established.
  • In Public Interest: We are authorized to process your personal data where it is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest.
  • Prior Intimation: If we use any of your personal data for the purpose not covered in the privacy clause, we will let you know about any proposed purpose before using your personal data.

Retention of Information:

The retention period of your personal data is based on the legal requirements and the need of business. We retain the data as long as it is necessary. We may also keep your data for statistical technical or regulatory purposes.

Rights and Obligations a user will have:

Regarding the personal data collected by us a user will have the following rights:

  • A right to require: enables us to erase/forget the data collected for user by us. This right can be used only when the personal data is no longer required or needed.
  • A right to withdraw your consent: at the withdrawal of your consent, we may not be able to provide certain services to you.
  • User can access his/her personal data collected by us at any point of time.

These rights are subject to certain exemptions to safeguard the interest of public and our interest.

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