Ensuring that your skills are certified!


Ensuring credible, fair, transparent, and proctored assessments through AI-based solutions.

Certiplate finds itself as one of the pioneering platforms which conduct skill-assessments that are not only fool-proof when it comes to resorting to unfair means/malpractices while in the process of the assessment, but also a preceding step in the generation of a certificate that holds uttermost credibility for job application.

Who can be benefitted from Certiplate?

Coaching institutes






Conduct Exams

Theory as well as practical examination can be conducted through the agency of this platform.


The assessor and the facilitator can be monitored concurrently

Android App

Certiplate is available as an application on android phones under the name of UAP

Technological Adroitness

The platform comes with technological adroitness to rule out the faintest shadow of a doubt regarding foul play.


Multiple languages are supported so as to make it a far-reaching commodity.

Automatic Evaluation

The evaluation is done automatically,saving time and room for error thereof,problems that may arise during manual grading.

Know Our Working Process


Request Processing

Being a unified assessment podium, certiplate downright takes charge of the intact process right from the request processing & the obligatories of the assessment to the evaluation.

Assessment Conduction

The entire assessment is proctored, both the assessor and the facilitator can be monitored ceasing the likelihood of foul play.




The cloud based platform encapsulates the assessment data and intervenes the evaluation by shunning the conventional method of manual grading.

Batch Report

An analysis report is constructed on the grounds of the assessment data recorded. A batch report & candidate performance report is prepared and provided to the candidate after the assessment.


Frequently Asked Questions

There have been innumerable instances where people have confronted us with this question. We believe in the maxim “actions speak louder than words” and so we like them to try it on their own and let the result speak for itself.

Yes,Certiplate is a user-friendly platform that has a checklist available to customise for different projects. The content part is quite easy to handle.

As a matter of fact there is one. An Assessor Monitor Android Application(AMA) helps in monitoring the assessor’s activities.



Ensuring that your skills are certified!

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