Make sure you are job ready before you apply for one.


Skill certification made easy in a credible manner, for a better wage and/or income opportunity.

Pramaan is a one of its kind platform which makes skill competency assessments and thereby provides a credibility tag to your resume.

The denizens of this country are quite often found complaining about the dire state of unemployment that the State is confronted with. And for a very large part, they may not even be far from the truth. But to a certain extent, the buck does stop with the masses too. In the times that we live, simply having a degree is not adequate. Employability is, we dare say, more important than a degree.

Pramaan does exactly that. It gauges the employability of workers or aspirants of a certain job and apprises them about their performance.

Who can be benefitted from Pramaan?

Job Seekers





Frequently Asked Questions

More often than not,the pursuit of a job is not a linear one.Rejections and disappointment are the order of the day,so much so that it is almost considered a rite of passage that one has to go through before finally landing up a job.Pramaan saves you the rigmarole of finding on your own,through a series of rejections,what it takes to hit the bull’s eye in the first shot.

No,Pramaan does not help get a job per se.It tells you about your strengths and your weaknesses concerning the requisites of a job and apprises you of your level of readiness with regards to it.

To the inquisitive readers,we are always eager to answer your queries.Do contact us to gain any sort of information.