Navriti has a comprehensive suite of solutions for livelihood management. We partner with different corporate for their CSR initiatives and various NGOs engaged in livelihood support. Navriti has built capacity to deliver services at grassroots level across 150+ districts in 22 states. The services include career counselling, social impact audits and third party assessments.

Navriti has developed a cloud based Livelihood Projects Management System that supports entire lifecycle of candidate (Mobilisation to Placement) with exclusive interface for each stakeholders.

Navriti also provides manpower support of skilled and certified resources through of partnerships with Vocational Institutions.



Corporate sector can also shoot up its calibre by managing the recruitment tests, leadership assessments online using certiplate (UAP). Be it recruitment test, leadership assessments, fitment test or even skill certification, Certiplate comes handy in all these scenarios.


CareerMap can be used for career changers in the corporate sector. CareerMap can play a vital role to those in the corporate sector looking for a career change or even profiling. CareerMap can be used in scenarios like job screening, pre-training screening.