The skill India mission aims to position India s the skill capital of the world. Only 2% out of the 15 million people who enter the workforce every year are trained and certified. Navriti therefore partners with the government to deliver mass scale inclusive skill development programs. We are currently empanelled with 22 sector skill councils and with DGET for 26 sectors. Navriti has provided services for schemes including PMKY, DDU, GKY and NULM.



Certiplate can be used to execute formative as well as summative assessments in the Government sector. Being an AI based platform Certiplate offers highly secure assessments, and leaves no chance for any malpractices, etc. Skill Certifications offered by Certiplate also comes in use in the Government sector as anyone with a certified set of skills tend to have an edge during any recruitment.


CareerMap gets in use where there is a need of career counseling. CareerMap can be used in scenarios like job screening, pre-training screening. CareerMap lets every candidate know what is the best possible career for them.


Using Pramaan candidates can assess their skill and understand their competency level. Government Sector can gain grounds using Pramaan as it is a platform which provides a reliable badge to your resume. It also evaluates the enterprise skills and notifies the candidates of their capabilities.


Learnplate allows the candidates to be more employable. Getting direct industry knowledge through micro modules gives them an extra edge over their competition and acquire market specific relevant skills that would make the candidates highly employable.