Vocational & Skilling

Vocational courses fundamentally embrace practical hands on training and learning tangible industry skills. It emphasizes on specification programs or courses that pivot around skill requirement for a particular job function. Vocational training programs inculcate the candidates for certain careers, brushing aside traditional and outdated academic system.

Bearing in mind, the contrasting approach of vocational Institutes, placement of students in industry is a continued challenge for them. Therefore, with the support of our rich industry interaction and corporate alliance , Navriti acts as an interface among students, colleges and recruiters by countervailing the industry demand and skilled manpower.

ensure that the candidates are counselled to get desired training and find a lucrative job.



Certiplate can be used to execute formative as well as summative assessments in the vocational training sector. Certiplate offers fully secured proctored assessments for vocational courses. Both theory as well as practical examinations can be done on this platform.


Vocational Courses can use CareerMap to good advantage as students as students are often unclear about career choices. The objective of CareerMap is to dive deep into student’s interests, etc and direct them towards the career that suits them the most. Career counselling is needed just to get into a college, this common perception is nothing but a myth. Career counselling helps shape the entire personality and career of a candidate. CareerMap can be used in scenarios like job screening, pre-training screening.